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How it Works
Weather Direct® is La Crosse Technology's revolutionary new line of satellite-assisted internet-powered weather stations that's re-inventing the way the world gets weather and other important information.

Every complete system includes a Gateway that connects to weatherdirect.com and a Wireless Display with Wireless Outdoor Temperature Sensor.

You'll receive forecasts for the current day and up to three succeeding days. Weather Direct® is expandable.

As your needs change, you can add optional features to the out-of-the-box system such as:

  • Severe Weather Alerts
Weather Direct Explained
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Weather Direct® alerts allow you to monitor more than the remote temperature and will advise you by E-mail when the forecasted temperature, humidity and chance of percipitation indications rise above or fall below your preset limits. You can even receive National Weather Service alerts as soon as they are issued.

La Crosse Technology® continues to develop exciting new Weather Direct® technologies.
Check out some of our other items from the Weather Direct® family like:

Temperature/Humidity Probe (TX-60) to monitor the temperature in your freezer, pool or spa. Weather Direct® can even send you an alert when the freezer is thawing or the pool is just right.

La Crosse Technology® Now Delivers Forecasts for Over 60,000 Locations to All Weather Direct® Displays.

La Crosse Technology®, the world leader in weather and time technology, is the Weather Direct® designer, manufacturer, distributor and customer service center. Absolutely everything provided by one source.

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