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Monitor 4 More Locations On Wireless Display

The standard Weather Direct™ Wireless Display includes weather information for one location. - But what about the weather happening in other places that are important to you?

In addition to your standard location, Weather Direct™ allows you to monitor four more forecast locations on your Wireless Display, for a total of five.

Now you can keep an eye on the weather where your daughter goes to school, your favorite vacation spot, your parents house and more.

Good for the Lifetime of the Wireless Display.  

Add Severe Weather Alerts.

Keep your family safe with Severe Weather Alerts issued by the National Weather Service. This valuable information will help you prepare for upcoming weather events. Choose which types of severe weather events you want to receive for up to three locations. Even be alerted via e-mail or SMS text message when you are away from your Wireless Display!

Severe Weather Alerts are available for any of our 60,000+ places to choose from and is available in 1 year or 3 year subscriptions.

Types of Severe Weather Alerts:

- Blizzard - Heavy Rainfall - Severe Thunderstorm
- Coastal Flood - Heavy Snow - Severe Wind
- Excessive Heat - Heavy Snowfall - Small Craft
- Flash Flood - High Wind - Special Marine
- Flood - Hurricane Force - Storm
- Freeze - Ice Storm - Tornado
- Frost - Lake Effect Snow - Weather
- Gale - Lake Snow - Wind Chill
- Heavy Rain - River Flood - Winter Storm
- Coastal Flood - Flood - Lake Effect Snow
- Excessive Heat - Freeze - Lake Snow
- Flash Flood - High Wind - River Flood
 Advisories and Statements
- Blowing Dust - Heat - Tropical Storm Statement
- Blowing Snow - Heavy Snow - Urban Stream Flood
- Dense Fog - Hurricane Statement - Urban Flood
- Freezing Drizzle - Lake Effect Snow - Wind
- Freezing Fog - Small Stream Flood - Wind Chill
- Freezing Rain - Snow - Winter Weather
- Frost - Snow And Blowing Snow